Tuesday, February 14, 2006

that's mr. beck

so i've been listening to guero on my commute for the past two weeks. granted it's only a 15 minute commute, so i can't really complain for la traffic. but this cd comes and goes in my life. i didn't listen to it at all for the first month or so i had it, i just watched the dvd. now, the more i listen to it the more i like it. i was fortunate enough to pick up the book/cd/dvd packaging when they had it at the 'get. i would definitely recommend buying that combo because the book has some really great illustrations and the dvd has some mighty fancy work by those crazy kids at d-fuse. check out beck's site, d-fuse, and hi-res who did beck's site. just be careful viewing in safari because hi-res' site crashed my computer three times.




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