Wednesday, August 22, 2007

on the move

new blog is:

word spacing

this one is dead dead dead.

Monday, June 18, 2007

an f for originality, sadly

this is what happens when you use stock photography.

deja vu

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

for the love of...

drop shadows... check!
faux three-dimensional type... check!
swooshes... check!
overlapping type... check!

i honestly can't say if this product identity is new or not but when i saw it on tv today it nearly knocked me off of my chair. imagine the tranquil beauty of seeing this logo on screen shimmering and glittering like a giant plastic button. i still don't understand why commercial product packaging feels the need to make their logos look like plastic three dimesional buttons that are trapped in space. look, i really doubt you are fooling anyone. i would hope that most people realize that your type is just printed on the bottle like everyone else's so i'm not sure why you feel the need to make it extra-dynamic. either way, this product logo needs to be snuffed out like the weeds it promises to kill. then again i really don't care and it doesn't bother me because i have no interaction with it. just noting, wow, that's really fug. it's pretty sad when you idolize the dq logo so much that you feel the need to rip it off. everyone has to have someone to look up to i guess. maybe it's 409 instead?

Friday, June 15, 2007

dot com love-in

i've been digging through the 2007 webby awards for the past few days. i've seen a couple of things that have been very impressive, mainly the diesel site for the interactive ability and the german adidas site. poke and prod a bit.



webby awards

democracy in action part 3!

nice move pepsi but you are totally behind the whole amateur-designer movement. glad to see that spec work is still continuing strong. anyways, if you love any of these options you can vote, but only if you enter your email and other fun information. screw you pepsi, you aren't going to know who i am. that is until someone does trackback and figures out where i posted this and they track down my isp which will give specific coordinates to my home and they will figure out that i live on the top floor but that the buzzer doesn't work so they will shimmy up the fire escape and break into my apartment (but if they try the living room window they will find out that it only has one pane of glass because i broke the inside pane in a fit of rage over a pigeon) and then the pepsi people will abduct me and take me to an undisclosed location where they will torture me by dumping my head in carbonated beverages for hours and hours.

design our pepsi

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Thursday, June 14, 2007


i'm not entirely certain what is going on with the new beastie boys album artwork. i know it's supposed to be some crazy, dada'ish piece but it just sort of falls flat about halfway through. it kind of reminds me of those really weird cut and paste conedison posters in the subway stations (if you've seen them then you will know exactly what i'm talking about). anyways, i think the pictogram lettering might have been enough to sell the point. mousetrap anyone?

the wad has been shot

so a bit about this bloggy thing. first off, i hate the name of it. it was in a fit of rage with blogger that i registered the name because nothing else was available that i liked. the acronym really bothers me and god knows we live in an acronym-obsessed world. well, in corporate america at least.

i'm planning on ditching this blog and moving elsewhere, hopefully to a new blog-friendly format like moveable-type or something like that. blogger is fine for basic blogging but don't plan on having an attractive blog. enough babbling, i'm renaming the site and taking recommendations. if i decide to go really dirty with the name then my friend dan came up with a brilliant name involving rags and periods. it made me laugh but then made me feel not so fresh.

these are some names i've thought of so far. some puns, of course:

+/- design

... (i'm kind of into !!! these days though i am listening to bye bye bye by n*sync while i review this list)


bastardized (can i even access that at work?)


design demerits

em space (duh, my name is an em/m)

ragged right (really like this but hate the 'pubby connotations that may come from it)

refresh (yep, a bit womanly)

unjustified text

word spacing


i still want that damn designified name and site but some bloke in the uk has it.

ghosts and giddy girls

one of the problems with music videos never being shown commercially is that unless you are obsessed with the artist or the director you never know when something new comes out. hence gondry's video for paul mccartney which was released at the end of may.

it's not nearly as fun as a stack of animated legos but i guess it's ok. kind of cheesy. damn it, the song is kind of catchy and now i'll have sir paul playing in my brain all day. no, it will fade away pretty quickly i'm sure.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

exactly at what size would tetris be lifesize?

a marriage of two of my obsessions (tetris and furniture design), brave space design presents the greatest modular shelving unit ever! despite the fact that the sole purpose of tetris is to mess around and goof off, at $600 per geometric piece, brave space is clearly not messing around. (however, they are generous in offering 2/3 scale version at 1/2 the price).

[via:apartment therapy]

Sunday, June 10, 2007

go for the rold



ok, thankfully this week i FINALLY saw the new rold gold packaging. they have been teasing me for months with printing on their packaging promising the same great taste with a new look. all i can say is was it worth the \ / \ / ait?

nasty natti'

city logos are all the rage these days, nasty natti' has gotten in on the trend with a fancy new logo. is it a lollipop? bland candyland game board? uh and is that tagline supposed to make me want to visit your city? sounds a little stalkerish to me. wherever you go there you are.

nyc's new city logo – technically now for the tourism department – was recently designed by wolff-olins. you may know wolff-olins from other famous identity designs such as the london 2012 olympics, the london 2012 olympics, and everyone's favorite, the london 2012 olympics. in all fairness the uk office did the 2012 logo but eh, it's not as much fun to admit that. lv20124lfe.