Sunday, June 10, 2007

go for the rold



ok, thankfully this week i FINALLY saw the new rold gold packaging. they have been teasing me for months with printing on their packaging promising the same great taste with a new look. all i can say is was it worth the \ / \ / ait?


Cee said...

Seriously though, where do they find these designers? Maybe it's all worse than it looks (it IS 1:30, and I DO have R.E.M. stuck in my head...) but I'm sure my Shih Tzu could design a better package.

Oi, Caffay? said...

Someone's been fucking around with my computer... I'll have their loins on a stick before the sun rises!

gray said...

i have a bit of an addiction problem with the honey wheat pretzels. it's gotten to the point where i am only allowed to buy them every few months because i eat the bag in like two days. anyways, my thoughts about this new packaging (which by the way is for the entire line of rold gold products) is that it was done to cheat consumers. you can no longer see inside the bag when you buy it and so you can only guesstimate that your bag is 20% product and 80% inflated air.