Friday, June 15, 2007

democracy in action part 3!

nice move pepsi but you are totally behind the whole amateur-designer movement. glad to see that spec work is still continuing strong. anyways, if you love any of these options you can vote, but only if you enter your email and other fun information. screw you pepsi, you aren't going to know who i am. that is until someone does trackback and figures out where i posted this and they track down my isp which will give specific coordinates to my home and they will figure out that i live on the top floor but that the buzzer doesn't work so they will shimmy up the fire escape and break into my apartment (but if they try the living room window they will find out that it only has one pane of glass because i broke the inside pane in a fit of rage over a pigeon) and then the pepsi people will abduct me and take me to an undisclosed location where they will torture me by dumping my head in carbonated beverages for hours and hours.

design our pepsi

spotted at core77

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