Thursday, March 09, 2006

don't cry for me santino

though i do really like chloe as a person, her runway show on pr (project runway for the non-tv hip) left me a little disappointed. ok, a lot disappointed. the judges talked about how inspired it was... inspired from dynasty that is. the only thing missing was a pair of huge shoulder pads in each outfit. her use of fabric reminded me of the "gone with the wind" skit starring carol burnett, wearing the full curtains with tassels and all. and why did she use the same fabric on so many pieces, and make them look so similar?

likewise, daniel's runway show was eh. it looked polished and well-made but really seemed to lack any incredible dynamic. military and asian are a little bit played-out as concepts.

and then there is santino, the bomb, not a bomb, but THE bomb. i really enjoyed all of his show, perhaps because i just think he stood out more than anyone else on the show. the judges said that he was not edgy enough, but at least all of his clothing and fabrics looked unique. i was a bit upset that all of the judges dismissed him without even considering him as the winner. i demand a recount.

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