Tuesday, March 14, 2006

la has been invaded

so i was having a drink the other night at the standard in downtown la when something caught my eye. no, it wasn't the hipsters nor the tourists, nor the views of the city. it was a simple red little mosaic about 10' off the ground. i recognized it because i had recently read about space invader in a local entertainment paper (normally i shy away from any local printed newspapers, or local television because they are all just really horrible. really.). space invader is an art installation worldwide in which simple mosaics representative of characters from space invaders – the 80s atari game - are installed in unusual places all over the world. in the article it explained how it is getting more difficult to find these gems because people have been known to chip them off to be kept as souvenirs.

so if you are ever in need of an $8 bottle of heinekin, some cool views, and some tres faux-trendy people check out the standard and the red and white space invader.

space invader

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