Thursday, March 02, 2006

lost and still not found

for the millions and billions of people reading this blog, i know, i haven't been keeping up with the updates. i've been a little busy trying to revamp my portfolio sites, and blah blah blah. also, i'm a little out of the design loop since i work with no other designers, and the only stimulating conversations i have about my career are in my head with myself.

so i decided to google "new logos" to see what was going on in the world wide internets web. i found a press release how intel recently unveiled a new logo in january. then i started to think about the new apple/intel venture, and i am pretty sure that apple saw intel's old logo and said hells to the no's, that ugly thing isn't going on our pretty product.


my neice called, she wants the logo back that she did in paint.


well, i guess it's better. they have a real "font" now. actually, the type is kind of nice and simple. good to know that swooshes are still hip in 06, are they here forever? i guess they couldn't just up and delete it, but one day swooshes will litter our trashcans. we will have pictures taken with swoosh frames, we will eat swoosh shaped food, our lives will be filled with swooshes.

anyways, i think this post is a perfect place to say that i hate pc's. hate hate hate hate hate them (typed from a pc because that is what i have to use at work). i believe that design from a pc just looks totally different. even though you are using the same fonts as a mac, there is just something clunky about pc design even using the same software and settings. i'm going to do a full-blown investigation because i really believe there is validity to this. you can just smell pc design. am i a neurotic elitist designer, or do other people feel the same way?

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