Wednesday, May 17, 2006

communication skills 101

update: just received this email. so wait, someone is actually reading my blog? i never thought that it was true that anyone read my little meaningless blog. this helps to clarify their mo and i will say that now that i understand what they are doing it makes more sense. how 'bout a little blurb on your site? even 3 pt type would be great. actually it would be a lot funnier in 3pt type.

> Visual Narcotics:20mg is a street art project primarily started as a
> response to the massive amount of advertising overtaking "public"
> space. The name "Visual Narcotics" refers to the bombardment of
> images directed towards us by advertisers through the mass media.
> Just like a drug, these images are intended to make us feel and act a
> certain way. The "Pill" and the use of the common dosage "20mg" is an
> icon used to represent and remind us of our self medicating consumer
> based society. The project's goal is to raise awareness to the
> conventional mass media's "narcotic" mind control and to question the
> influence of this media saturated environment. Not to be angry at it.
> And also not to put up pictures of dead wrestlers everywhere. We
> don't have any long rants on the site because we think our intentions
> are pretty self explanatory. Thanks for your interest.
> 20mg

does dissent with the world and media really work if you have no message? i spotted one of these large poster/stickers on my way to work today. it made me interested in what the meaning was so i decided to do a little research and stumbled across their site:

who are you? what is your purpose?

however, shouldn't you maybe make a statement about what you are doing? i would be happy with just a paragraph, but no, nothing. not even a nice hello. it's fine if you want to be angry at the world, but at least be effective in your communication.

what about obey giant? this has created quite a movement which is obvious since you are copying it. but if you are going to copy the idea you can take a note from his campaign and the clear messaging behind what he is doing.

obey giant

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