Wednesday, May 10, 2006

is cheap logo design killing our profession?

oh sweet vertical type, going the wrong direction on top of everything else

if it is completely illegible, does it still count as design?

if you are registered anywhere as a designer you have probably received one of the millions of emails promising great, quality logo design for pennies. i guess in some ways it is good that people are actually investing some interest in trusting a designer to create a logo instead of doing their own in word, but is it removing the value of quality design? can the general public really tell the difference between good logo design and bad logo design? do they know an original rand from an original kinko's?

personally, i have written some of these companies pretending to be an interested client, but i've never received any response. they must be on to me. probably because i have also sent them hate mail about how they are discrediting our profession. oh wait, i just let my opinion out. of course if it can be cranked out in three days then hopefully someone will understand the quality of what they are getting.

Total US$595 ($295 up front)
Unlimited designs, changes & colors
Logo ready in 3 days
All widely-used formats for any purpose
Copyright transfer

Total US$795 ($395 up front)
Custom Logo
Business card

Total US$2195 ($1095 up front)
Custom Logo
Corporate Stationery Package
Corporate Website

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Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.