Saturday, June 10, 2006

eggs are good for you

one of the most fascinating things about going to germany last year was the smart car. now it seems this little gem might be made in the us finally, 12 years after they appeared in europe. way to keep on top of things us of a.

the eggs

but is it a status symbol enough to even fly in the us? it is cooler than a metro by far. i can't imagine someone giving up their hummer for one, but maybe their self-conscious will get the best of them.


Chris Malven said...

People driving smart cars in the US will be killed outright by Hummers. I predict driving-related fatalities will skyrocket as "smart-bombing" becomes of highway-level sport amoung SUV owners.

The Prius has done incredibly well in the US, mostly because it tells everyone else "I love nature and all that and life is good". I could see the smart car doing well for the same reason, and because its so little and (in some way) well-designed. Do you know what the retail price of one is?

design officer said...

a zillion dollars. i thought they were somewhat cheap in europe, but maybe like the mini they are just entirely overpriced for what they are. in la it's mostly those crazy celebrities that drive the prius. i have heard this is because they are on back-order and so you have to have good connections to get one. but what i have discovered is that just because he drives one it doesn't mean that vince from entourage is a good driver.

design officer said...

"Pricing should run between $12,000 for the cheapest model, and just over $20,000 for a convertible with all the available extras, Heidemann says. That's a markup of a few thousand dollars over the price in Europe, where Heidemann has been buying them from dealers."