Saturday, July 01, 2006

the quickest way to ruin a movie poster

really, the film cost $200m to make, could you at least use a real typeface and not something that came on your pc and looks like a broken down stretched version of helvetica's bastard brother? maybe it's called helluvavetika.

if you insisted on this configuration and wanted to use a sans then why didn't you use the sans that all of designers love, gotham. please note, it does not have a fugly 'R' like what was used in the poster.

then again, it is the hollywood way to try to ruin anything visual they can. to be nice i do like the image quite a bit. just not the type. i guess when you don't want to hire designers with experience dealing with type that's what you get. damn artsy designers, always criticizing.


Anonymous said...

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design officer said...

saw superman again when i was home. i have to note that all of the title sequence is set in gotham. goodie on them.