Thursday, July 13, 2006

why doesn't anyone understand typography??

oh dear.

anyone who knows me knows that i am a huge fan of janet jackson. ok, i'll admit it here and now that i was obsessed but lately the novelty of it has been wearing off (i guess it's that whole pivotal 30 thing). i don't know where my obsession came from but it started around 8 years old. now as much as i love miss jackson i have to say that this is quite possibly the worst choice for an album "logo" that i could imagine. maybe it's not as bad as i am making it out to be, but for me it's just really disappointing.

the album is supposed to be a nod to control so let's take a look at that:

at least someone had the common sense to use a nice clean sans on the control cover. i just don't see how a nouveau/deco typeface is going to ever fit on a cover. oh wait, i guess it doesn't really matter any more because no one cares about album design. well her packaging hasn't been great since pelletier did the velvet rope cover back in 97 so this doesn't come as a surprise. good thing he left virgin.

even more annoying, why is it condensed? it's probably not condensed and just stretched. ugh.

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