Tuesday, August 08, 2006

carson was here

spotted on my trek from ohio to new york.


Chris Malven said...

Actually... and this may reveal a geek side that will shock and disturb you... you may be giving Carson undue credit for this. The phenomenon of using letters as numbers and vice-versa arose out of the hacker community. This language is referred to as "l33t" speak, ("leet" being an abbreviation of elite".

If I'm wrong about this please correct me. But I don't think I am. Even David Carson can only be responsible for so many trends.

Gray said...

i am sure you are right. you know all of those techy things better than anyone i know.

i did spot a new one a couple of weeks ago, the NI9E, which is a new abc series. not to be confused with the NI9E website, EI8HT magazine, THIR13EN GHOSTS, NUMB3RS, or LUCKY NUMBER SLE7EN (which makes no sense). but carson and cooper are still the pop-culture references for me. everyone else is just a follower.