Wednesday, August 30, 2006

just like a peppermint patty plus an e

i picked up thom yorke's cd when it first came out but i don't think i posted a mini rave about it. it has a lot of really great illustrations and my only complaint is that the back is a little bland with the type. other than that it's simple yet intricate and worth a glance.

his site for the cd has a great little opening animation and be sure to check out the book at the bottom to access some sketches and some notes on the album.

[ the eraser ]

i am in visual overload in nyc so a lot more stuff to post soon.


Chris Malven said...

But what about the music?!?! Reminds me of the best of electronic radiohead... Kid A. Nice beats that aren't so overly distorted that they take away from the music. Plus I like Thom's voice. Soothing.

Heard of this?

design officer said...

thom's voice is nice and it suits the music really well, however saying that, i really really like the sound. it's not that i don't appreciate his voice it's just that the music itself has always interested me even more. i'm ripping some of it off for a project eventually.