Friday, September 08, 2006

for the woman inside of all of us



someone else has jumped on the rejuvenated logo bandwagon. i noticed the lifetime logo today when i saw it on a bus ad. ok, now really they call it television for women but who amongst us hasn't watched it? i'll admit that i get sucked into that block of golden girls, plus they show unsolved mysteries which is still great even though it hasn't been filmed for like 10 years. then in the evening you get your will & grace. i am not afraid to admit that i watch it. why the stereotypes lifetime? it's 2006. you should be making television for everyone. well except for those made for tv movies starring markie post. really those are just painful.

as far as the logo, i don't know. something about it says maxi pads even more than the serif special. it just needs wings and then it will be complete.

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