Sunday, November 19, 2006

like a crazy train

i can't remember if i posted this before or not. who am i kidding, i'm the only one looking at this so i don't even have to say anything. in fact i think of what i post as a journal to myself and an internal monologue typed away and saved away somewhere in an intangible place.

[ moving like a train ]


Chris Malven said...

Wow, posting explosion the past few days. You know what, I look at your blog, and I like it. In fact, if you posted more often I think you'd have the best graphic design blog I know of, hands down. I like your wry, bitter take on the world of design.

It isn't your fault that nobody knows this thing exists. There's fucking thousands of them.

Let the crazy train ride.

design officer said...

i write this blog for cmalven and cmalven alone.