Saturday, December 02, 2006

for once, i don't blame brit brit

the girl might copy her style, songs, and performances off of other single-name divas, but for some reason i highly doubt she is the one that came up with the idea of this packaging.


Britney's new fragrance "Midnight Fantasy" is a dead ringer for the Worth perfume "Dans La Nuit." It made it's market debut three years after "Chanel No. 5" in 1924. The perfume didn't have the staying power that No. 5 has, but it will bring home about $2,000 for an empty bottle. Ms. Spears has created an identical bottle filled with what I am guessing is the sent of flowers, Cheetohs, and desperation.

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Chris Malven said...

I still blame her. "Lets see, who do I want to smell like today? I know, a washed-up 25-year-old pop singer, mama, and ex-wife of a white trailer-trash rapper."

Yep, that'll sell like hotcakes.