Tuesday, February 20, 2007

fashionistas in training

thanks to grace POWkang for pointing out these fine garments. i wonder if you pay $69 for the "kern" sweatshirt, available from veer, if it will teach you how to properly kern? for that much i should at least get a free copy of the adobe type library or something. not to be picky or anything but i really wouldn't have much use of the veer type library so i vote for practicality with adobe instead. but please note how happy it will make you when you wear it! forget uppers, i just need a sweatshirt to wear every day. i don't know what i would wear in summer though.

and who doesn't love a good drop shadow?

[ drop da shadow ]


Catherine! said...

I've been looking for a greeking t-shirt forever. Nothing says "I'm hip!" like Lorem Ipsum across my chest.

So far my search has been fruitless, so I think I'll just knuckle down and silkscreen my own.

Chris Malven said...

Catherine! Why silkscreen your own and waste your valuable talent when you can pay Veer (at a mere 180% mark-up) to do it for you?

I saw these shirts awhile ago. I can't just bring myself to wear any garment that makes an inside joke. Despite their cheerful faces, I can't help but think how sad it is that these people are wearing these shirts in a design office.

powkang said...


i haven't looked my rss feeder in forever and i check it today to find my name amongst all the gofugyourself oscar highlights, britney's shaved head, and anna nicole baby daddy fiasco updates. i feel so glamorous.