Wednesday, March 07, 2007

i see tree people

well that's kind of pretty. the type is nothing special – actually it's quite distracting – but the image has an air-esque quality which is nice and all. i think with some faint pinks and blues the image could look quite nice. just do what i do, cover the top and the bottom of the poster with your hands and voila, instant art.


powkang said...

if you are saying "air-esque" in reference to air "we are electronic performers" the french duo, i suppose i can see where you're coming from. however, i think this is far inferior to any of mike mills' work. he's done a few of my very favorite album cover images, ever. both albums by air: moon safari and the virgin suicides. of course, i'm mildly obsessed with mike mills, and the rest of that school of film, music, art and design that sprang from skate punk culture in the late 80s/early 90s.

if you aren't referring to air the french band, then disregard everything i've just said and i will go hide in the corner.

i don't think this premonitions image is very well executed. it is not flattering to sandra bullock's face (which is fine). it sort of creeps me out but not in the way i imagine the art department to have intended. it appears to be a good idea only seen through about 45%. maaaaaybe as much as 60% but definitely not further.

gray said...

i meant air as in those crazy europeans who have a new cd in stores now. did you know that the virgin suicides is one of my favorite movies and soundtracks? i think i meant the reference to them as an indication of the illustrative style but i'm not totally sure what i meant. it just has a very euro synth feel.

i didn't get sandra bullock out of the image AT ALL and i think that's why i liked it, especially if they took my suggestions and cut the top and bottom off of the poster. as sandra it doesn't work, as a loose concept i think it does somewhat. if it were to be completely successful i wouldn't have anything to bitch about though : (

powkang said...

i like crazy europeans.

its been awhile since i've seen virgin suicides, but i should see it again soonish. i have a girl-crush on sofia coppolla, similar to that which i had on pre-medulla bjork.

its a good soundtrack, but not my favorite from air. i like their first one, premiers symptomes. i haven't formulated an opinion on their new one yet, but i don't like the newer lo-fi stuff as much as their moodier synthy first few releases. do you like it?