Friday, April 06, 2007

spring into redesign part 2



the internets are alive with refreshed looks these days. i noticed that msnbc redesigned their masthead and their logotype which really looks much nicer these days. for all i know they did this redesign 6 months ago and i just noticed it today. i'm still a cnn kind of guy because frankly i think msnbc generally is information overload on the front door. i like my news boiled down and filled with typo's and i know that cnn will always deliver that to me. they also try to write witty headlines that consistently bomb and so i enjoy laughing at them, not with them. msnbc tends to actually care about their news reporting and there is absolutely no need for that.


powkang said...

i get most of my news from the headlines i read off other peoples' new york posts on the subway. explains a lot, doesn't it?

gray said...

are you talking about newspapers? are people still using those thingies?

powkang said...

i guess so. i don't actually touch these so-called newspapers, so they might actually be an optical illusion.