Monday, April 09, 2007

still moving forward?

this week is the auto show in nyc. i probably won't be going because i'm sure it costs money or something crazy like that. but plenty of people on the train today seemed to have gone as they were sporting red toyota bags. of course the toyota trucks logo caught my eye and i spent countless seconds trying to figure out what it is. is it an electrical socket for deformed plugs? a nut and bolt in some strange perspective? an angry storm trooper? and how exactly does it go with the toyota logo, which to me has always looked like an angry bull. maybe the trucks logo is the matador in full head gear and the bull is running after him? i guess really it is supposed to be an embossed "T". thank goodness they made a version in faux metal just to sell the idea even more.

i'm kind of sorry that i pondered this for a good 15 seconds while my ipod wasn't working.


powkang said...

it looks like a giant nipple to me. maybe a man-nipple, so as to be macho for the trucks. (weird angle, though.)

gray said...