Thursday, May 10, 2007

pretty picture to look at

the images for this perfume ad, which ran in japanese magazines, are the delicate handiwork of french illustrator marguerite sauvage. i don't have much else to say, except that her work is very dreamy and pretty. but then again, french people seem to often make dreamy, pretty things.

ses belles images sont à son blog.

[via drawn!, illustration blog for and by canadians.]


gray said...

i'm not a huge illustration fan (gasp, i should never say such a thing!) but these are quite nice. i like the retro feel quite a bit and it's nice to see product advertising that isn't just completely awful.

speaking of which last night i was flipping through flaunt at the magazine store and noticed a perfume ad that featured a man in a transparent sarong and i'm 99% sure he had a full erection. it was a frontal view and it looked like they tried to be coy about it. what does that have to do with selling perfume? a lot i guess.

powkang said...

i'm not a huge illustration fan

am i going to have to cut you?

man...transparent sarong...full erection...frontal...coy

EW! please never say these words together ever again. way to creep me out.