Tuesday, January 31, 2006

burn in hell you stupid stupid font

it was only a matter of time until an elegantly designed piece of material would cross my desk set in comic sans. it made my day, but not nearly as much as the response to what i created to repair the issue. i was told that what i created was "visually unappealing" compared to the comic sans version. i really did not know how to address such a claim. i'm sure in social worker school they did teach you how to design effective communication pieces, which is why they now offer the coveted bfa/mfa/social work degree. strange, because as far as i know my friend lindsey did not receive this degree, or at least if she did she is keeping it on the downlow from me. she probably doesn't want me to get nervous about my job.

i think i need to post my favorite reference site and send an email out to the entire organization about why comic sans is destroying our world.

die stupid comic sans


teresasaurusrexx said...

design officer, what do you suggest for people who work in a corporate environment, yet long to express themselves creatively? hopefully we all can agree that its much safer to have office installed on every computer rather than photoshop. good gravy.

anyway, i find bad typography to be fascinating. the violent slant of 'italic' letters, heavy outlines of 'bold' face, center justified 12pt times new roman... thinking about all the decisions that contributed to this sign now hanging on the back of a stall door in the ladies room is enough to send me deep into a bucket o' lee's chicken. mmm.

design officer said...

i suggest using pepita. back in the early 90s before i went to school, i thought it was the shiznit. now, some times i look at it and get queasy, other times i remember it fondly (much like my gray hair, triple chins and love handles).