Sunday, January 29, 2006

good design makes you want to buy things

often, a trip to the grocery store is a visual orgasm. so many things, all nicely stacked up, in relative sizes and colors, and of course with all labels facing outwards (as they should do in your cabinets at home). it is often a place where i find some much-needed inspiration.

as i was scanning the milk section - something i don't often do thanks to the lactose-deficient genes i received from my mother - i happened upon this little gem. i have no idea why i wanted to buy it, oh wait, yes i do. good design! clean, minimal design, and it was so attractive i wanted the packaging without worrying about what was inside. so kudos to you, sunmilk folk. thank you for investing in good design! may your investment return ten-fold.

ps: i think the whole sans-serif/scripty thing is a very big design trend. i don't know what the typefaces are called, but i've seen a lot of it used recently. how would it ever be classified?

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