Thursday, January 26, 2006

i am not a blogging phenom : (

the new kodak identity was recently posted on be a design group.

i see the kodak logo every day since i live up the street from their main corporate building, and i have yet to notice a new logo on the building, so this must be fairly recent. the type is interesting, but there's something about the stroke of the "k's" i just can't accept. and that "a", what happened to it? it just doesn't look rounded enough to truly make sense. it feels a little squished in there with it's little leg chopped off.

i have no shame in stealing this logo from badg and putting it up on my little blog, after all i am giving them credit. in all fairness, badg runs a much better blog than i can, however they seem to have a team putting it together. for now, it's just me, trying to find interesting things and reference them. perhaps one day i will be a power blogger.

we know how to run a real blog

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