Sunday, January 22, 2006

just in case your ego was in good shape today...

the new issue of step inside design is on the stands. inside it details the hot new talents in design, and for some reason i didn't make it on the list (?). the work is glamorous and inspiring, and represents nothing that most of us working chumps will ever experience. but it's always nice to dream. i am still confused as to how they decide who will be the people to watch. it seems like a very difficult task (with a bit of inbreeding for good prosperity).

step is actually much better than how i remember it. they have definitely changed their visual direction, and it could potentially rival print for production value. if, of course, they worked on the cover a little bit. as a bonus, it also seems a little less pretentious than print can be, at least judging from this issue. there is a nice, compact interview with bart crosby of crosby and associates, chicago. or, as my friend cheyenne refers to him, mr. crosby. so if you are feeling good about yourself, check the issue out. it's sure to make you feel extra special.

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