Friday, March 17, 2006

oh noes

jessifuss writes: "Ok, you need to check out Antonio Banderas new posters for this movie. I seriously almost puked when I saw it on the side of the bus yesterday. I did a double take, really. I didn't think that a Hollywood movie poster could be that sick. Paint splashes, neon green and orange. Thought you might like to post the poster."

since i just saw this poster on melrose i thought it was about time i post it. even worse, i'm pretty sure the version i saw didn't even have the silhouettes, it just had black shapes for the bodies. it looked like a really really bad drawing project in illustrator. sadly, i have had to use those paint dabs, please don't even ask why. we will just say i was paid to do it and didn't have a choice. they are actually a typeface (if you want to call them such a thing), which makes it even worse.

i concur, this is pretty bad. and are we supposed to think that's antonio because that dude is asian.

btw: would this poster be classified as reckless capitalization?

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