Monday, June 05, 2006

i can't read what you are saying

so i watched munich last night. overall it was a good movie but something about it just pushed me over the edge. so much so that i had to write a rant. here's hoping spielberg reads this email i sent on to universal...

i tried to enjoy your film munich, but couldn't due to a very common error. when producing a movie, please contact a reliable, informed graphic designer when producing subtitles. the subtitles in this film are horrible and impossible to read even on a 21" tv screen. i feel as though i missed 30-40% of the movie because i have no clue what the subtitles say. it's a shame that such a popular film with so much potential could be ruined by the erroneous choice of the studio and a lack for respect and integrity of the design profession. a serif, set light? please. any designer knows you can't read that on screen. if you give one ounce of credit to the design profession please make sure this mistake doesn't happen again. graphic designers exist for a reason you know. i feel sorry for the other people who have the entire movie subtitled and have absolutely no clue what's going on. embarrassing. completely embarrassing.

well, no one ever said that i sugar coat things. but really, who are the people creating the subtitles in movies? i have yet to see a movie where i said, 'those are really great subtitles'. most of the time they choose yellow or some other color that completely blends in. couldn't they put a couple hundred dollars in the film budget for some decent subtitles? then again i'm probably asking for too much. i should just show up at universal with a sign and picket their doors. quality typography for everyone!

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