Thursday, February 22, 2007

'Lection '08 Logo Showdown

I know it may seem a little early for this, but we might as well get it out there before the candidates start dropping like flies. As usual, a pretty pathetic crop.

I declare Obama the winner of the Dems and McCain the winner of the Rupublicans (although the baseline of his little c bugs me).




gray said...

biden and romney obviously went for photoshop techniques, although romney just looks sad. maybe with a name like mitt you can't expect much.

hills? why? so bland. i wouldn't vote for her based on this sad excuse for a logo.

edwards, somewhat interesting in the sans. stacked type looked a bit off at first but now i think i like it. it looks nice stacked.

obama looks like a bug for the tourist division of omaha.

vilsack big "V"? it reminds me of a hot dog company in chicago. kosher hot dogs or something. maybe pickles?

brownback, ugh. that is the worst. i think he got it from the same organization that makes those patriotic stamps you get in the mail with your return address.

cox, the flag off the h really bothers me. they look like something that got attached to the file by mistake. maybe it's the flag in the background that is just distracting.

rudy, well that just does nothing for me. plus the rudy looks smaller since it is in red.

huckabee must not know about small type reversed out. the tagline is hard to read even at this size, and what exactly is an exploratory committee? he should have gone for i <3 huckabee. lily tomlin would approve.

mccain reminds me of a car company. i don't know which one but i'm pretty sure it exists. maybe chrysler? you are totally right about the small "c". superscript it is not. and black? hello, red white and blue baby!

i guess my choice overall would have to be edwards only because i think the sans is a bit unique. it has a hands-on feel to it which is nice compared to the normal sans. i'm really surprised there aren't more serifs though. i thought a serif was a given.

Chris Malven said...

To be fair to the republicans, many of those logos were found on their "exploratory committee" website. An exploratory committee is a way of saying "I probably will run for president, but I'm just testing the waters right now."

So they'll break out their "official" logos after they announce they're running.

I figured you'd eat up the Edwards logo. It seems like your flavor. I personally give props to Obama for a logo that you might actually remember after not seeing it for a few minutes. It does somewhat smack of tourism, but he's touring the country, baby!

I like the McCain logo BECAUSE it lacks red and blue. His website is so frickin' steelish and militaristic it gives me nightmares. Otherwise the logo sucks.

It always amazes me that these people raise Millions of dollars and spend $50 of it on design work.