Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the new pornographers

cmalven thinks this link might be a little too crude but i don't know if there is such a thing.

[ phallic logo awards ]

and just a little note: i was taking a walk yesterday and discovered that i live five blocks from the steve madden distribution center. imagine the shock and horror on my face when i saw the giant donut sign displayed on the outside of the building AND a fleet of trucks proudly displaying those wretched little illustrations.


gray said...

i would like to add the shiira logo to the list of most phallic logos.

sure it looks like a fish here but when it's small in the dock not so much.

powkang said...

i'm backtracking... i just wanted to point out that these phallic logos have brought immense joy to everyone with whom i've shared.

and while i'm here, i also want to point out that i also hate steve madden. i'm not sure what donut signs you're talking about, but i'm talking about some fug shoes. the boyfriend says i probably feel this way because i'm too old for steve madden. he's wrong. i've always felt this way. i have another friend who hates steve madden for yet another reason. and i'm pretty sure there's countless others. we should all band together and bring that bitch down.