Friday, March 02, 2007

spring into redesign

ah yes, that little dab of snow will soon be melting – well unless you live in a national disaster area like iowa and then you will have to wait a bit longer. but soon we will be filled with so many fresh, revived visual things that we will go into visual arrest. i can't wait.

the aiga has decided to welcome spring a bit early with a fresh new look for their site. i like it, though it did take me a few minutes to find the job board since it has a new name of "careers". i'm still waiting for someone to adopt my infinite scrolling idea of a website though. think of how fun that could be! just keep adding things to the right side of the page forever.

and not to be left out, pratt also unveiled a new site a few weeks back. it was designed by those world-famous image moguls at pentagram. overall it is much easier to use than the last thing that was called a website, however two complaints that i have are: 1) it's really really difficult to read pratt on quite a few of the pictures as it blends into the background, and 2) where is the library page??? I could never find the library page on the old site and i still can't find it on this one. resources? nope, not there. i guess overall it doesn't really matter because once you find the library page and actually go to the library you will discover that the book you are looking for doesn't exist. that library is a maze and i swear that every time i go there looking for something it has been "lost" and replaced with a bunch of books pre-1960.


Catherine! said...

As soon as I saw the AIGA screencap I was ready to proclaim my utter hatred for the new Pratt website. Lo and behold, I scroll down and there it is.

I hate the new site. I hate it hate it hate it hate it. The photographs are uninspiring, some pages are messed up (what did they do to the academic computing page?!), and the entire thing pretty much makes me want to cry. Not to mention that it's a blatant rip-off of the Yale School of Art site.

I do, however, adore Uglydolls and vinyl toys. Thanks much for the article link!

gray said...

i am SHOCKED by your statements catherine! absolutely shocked and amazed! i never!

i was trying to find the library site again today - i know i know it's like a bad joke that just keeps going on and on – but eventually i gave up and just googled pratt & library and there was the page i was searching for. i never did figure out where it was on the site. there are a lot of technical glitches with the p site. you go into pages and there is nothing there and then you have to back out because there is no way to navigate inside. i guess it has to be pointed out that pentagram developed the concept but pratt i.t. built and implemented it. that leads me to believe that maybe those photos weren't necessarily chosen by the designers but were chosen by the i.t. department. i hope so. even in the screen shot i took here you can barely see pratt. it's nice to get your experience because i really have no use for the pratt site except for looking for the library. wonder if they fixed the pratt store page that never worked?

powkang said...
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powkang said...

i just go directly to actually, i go one step further and go to to directly access the search page. none of this noodling around and no google backdoor delivery. don't fuck with me, pratt website, 'cause i don't fuck around.

gray said...

i think it's easier to just buy the stuff on amazon.

either that or make my students get it for me.

lazy? yes, thank you.