Saturday, March 17, 2007

royale flush

is the opening good? is it bad? or is it ugly? i think my vote is for the latter, though i was doing some googling and found that people are very split on it with some declaring it better than anything by saul bass or kyle cooper. me, well, i kind of hated it. i thought there were interesting parts, i thought the background textures were enough without jagged vector art men fighting it out. and then you have craig taking a fantastic green-screen voyage and that just lost all kinds of points for me.

overall, i have to say that i was extremely disappointed that for such a huge production budget they ended up with this solution. oh, and chris cornell is fine and all but his voice does not work with that song. at any moment i expected the music to change over to black hole sun. i give the sequence a very inflated c- for just adding everything plus the kitchen sink. typeface is kind of nice though.

and one last thing, bond is all about action so why does that thing move so slow? now i'm getting agitated. ugh, go watch some bass instead.

[ saul bass ]

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Chris Malven said...

I don't think it is good or bad, but has moments in both areas. The early visual style, using the language of casino gaming in an abstract way is really interesting. I like the weird tentacle veins and the queens and kings and the color. Where the sequence really falls apart is when they start to incorporate vectorized live-footage and lame special effects of the people turning into card symbols.

Then it goes back to the veins breaking open and spilling hearts and its not so bad again for a little while.

Then back to live footage again and the ensuing crappiness. You're right when you said it just tries to do too much, and not just stick to a decided visual style and concept.

I don't have a problem with the chris cornell, except for when he starts to shout/scream-sing at the end. Thats annoying.

Have you seen the movie? Very good for a Bond film, I think.