Friday, March 16, 2007

so fresh and so clean



and a music endorsement from a tooth whitening product? oh, crazy cross-marketing. of course i'm running out to buy his album along with the wonderful rembrandt. you have sold me with your stamp of approval. everyone thinks they are american idol now.


Chris Malven said...

At last, a side-by-side branding transformation where the new look is clearly better.

It's so white and clean it makes my teeth hurt! As for the relationship between music and pearly-whites... I can't really say I get it. I don't think the Rembrandt brand will ever be "hip", certainly not as hip as our buddy Griffin.

gray said...

i tend to agree. i'm anxious to see it in the store to see if it passes the test.

i met griffin. we rocked out to free bird and then took turns bleaching each others teefs.

Chris Malven said...

Watching TLC for an hour today, I saw a new Rembrandt ad featuring this new branding at least 7 times. They played it every single commerical break.

The ad sucked. Basically just a "look, we have a new look and here it is" type of ad.