Thursday, April 19, 2007

branding and identity (for the girl who has everything)

kate moss got new branding to go with her clothing line (debuting in a couple of weeks at topshop). design rockstars peter saville and paul barnes collaborated on the identity, drawing inspiration from the vintage typeface brodovitch albro.

i really like this. bastardizing a vintage typeface gives it a nice timeless vintage feel. it's also feminine and classy. i have always thought of kate moss as a bit darker, grittier. this treatment is jaunty and delicate and it clashes with her junky boyfriend. as far as british supermodels famous for being underweight are concerned, i feel as though this identity suits twiggy more than it suits kate moss.

source: creative review blog


gray said...

and powkang makes a strong entry with her first posting!

i actually like the type quite a bit and knowing that saville was involved is like the cherry on top. the type is like a bastard didot meets bodoni with a hint of extra light sans. but i have to wonder if the little balls on the k and s's are meant to represent the coke in her nose?

powkang said...

i know, right? lookit me, ma. i'm all growns up.

yeah, saville is sorta dreamy in the way that a man can only be based solely on his repetoire. (i don't even really know what that means.) he wins, period, for the joy division masterpiece alone. speaking of which, have you seen those joy division shoes? i'm not a sneakers sorta lady myself, preferring kitten heels and laceless chucks. designer sneakers are so damned expensive and are usually ridiculous looking. i went out with a sneaker designer with adidas a few times last fall and it was pretty humbling to realize that the shoes on his feet were worth more than all the clothes i was wearing, including coat and underwear. anyways, i tried to find out how much these peter saville joy division new balance extravaganza fancy sneakers cost but apparently they don't actually exist as a commodity.

gray said...

those shoes are pretty cool but they are also kind of boring. i think they are pretty to look at as they are presented, but on the foot do you even notice the detail?

powkang said...

i guess i wouldn't notice, but i also think most fancy kicks are sorta fug. these are nice and classy, understated and simple. the coolest part is the soles. which no one will ever see. plus... wouldn't they just get really dirty?