Tuesday, April 17, 2007

democracy in action!

why settle for what the dmv gives you when you can go to the indiana bureau of motor vehicles' site and help them decide a new plate! each design is more splendidly gradient than the previous! overall i see some great potential entries for the phallic logo competition next year. and though i love my simplicity option 3 is just a bit too depressing. it reminds me of the old california and pennsylvania plates which were visually neutral, but for some reason nothing about this solution says indiana. maybe instead of the torch they could offer a silhouette of michael jackson or a hoosier – the only two things i really know about indiana. well i guess i also know that it takes forever to drive through indiana on your way to ohio from chicago but how does one represent that in a visually appealing manner?

[ which plate do i choose? ]


Catherine! said...


Catherine! said...

Yeah, that was SO IMMATURE.


gray said...

are you having a conversation between your left and right brain?

Catherine! said...

I, sir, have two right brains.

My cranium is filled with enough spatial understanding, visual mastery and holistic randomness to make you teeny little eyeballs bug out.