Sunday, April 15, 2007

r2 really should exercise more

On March 16, 400 R2-D2 mailboxes were dispatched by the U.S. Postal Service across the country as a promotional stunt. In honor of Star Wars' 30th anniversary, Lucas Films has collaborated with the U.S. Postal Service to create 15 commemorative stamps of different characters and scenes from the movies. For only the second time in history, the U.S. Postal Service is allowing fans to vote and decide on which stamp they will issue on May 25.

personally i would be happier if they would just hire an extra person at my post office so i don't have to wait 40 minutes to pick up my package. i think you should be able to go online and put in your package info and then pick it up immediately when you walk into the post office, but that's obviously in my perfect world that doesn't exist.


powkang said...

i've learned recently that not all the postal carriers are literate. this may account for some of the numerous mail issues that have come up at the commune. maybe instead of painting the mailboxes like r2d2, they should think about developing r2d2-like robots to deliver the mail. ups and fedex, too, for that matter. or maybe private parcel delivery can be manned by an army of c-3pos. this is what goes on in my superfancy perfect world.

gray said...

i just received a court notice last saturday that was mailed february 7. of course i missed the 30 day window of time. other fun thing are when my mailman deliberately breaks my netflix dvds (about 4 so far) or they just go missing, and the fact that he refuses to carry anything larger than an envelope in his bag – even if you sign the little release to have your stuff left at your home. glad this is what we are paying 39¢ for. more decoration more decoration!!

Catherine! said...

I think I'm gonna stop stealing signs... and start stealing mailboxes.

Who's with me?!