Friday, April 27, 2007

classic love

susan kare, one of the original designers of the apple system icons, has a line of shirts available from cafe press.

meh, i'm still waiting for someone to take the gradients away from the apple icon developers. whatever will they do without drop-shadows and faux 3-dimensionality?

viva susan and your lovely pixelated creations.

susan kare


Catherine! said...

The icons may be quirky and retro, but the placement of the graphic and lack of color choices make me want to cry.

I harbour a great distaste for Cafepress. :(

gray said...

i didn't realize cafe press was so boring. i thought they would at least have some color options for the shirt. you can choose white or off-white. egadz!

Catherine! said...

They have neon green shirts. I'd buy those.

powkang said...

yeah, cafe press shirts always look like the most unflattering garments for girls. i'm generally opposed to american apparel for various reasons, but i'm continually impressed with their ability to actually make simple cotton jersey a sexy fiber.

Marius said...

that is sweet... i gotta get me one for myself and emma