Monday, April 30, 2007

spring sweets

new thingamajigs from kid robot.

Street art and design collective DOMA introduces 15 over-the-top vinyl toys in its new Acid Sweeties collection. The cracked-out characters appear as if they've escaped an acid trip only to find their way into some proper packaging, ready to be purchased for $7.95 each on April 26th at 11am EST at Kidrobot.

source: core77.


Catherine! said...

I was looking at these over the weekend... Kidrobot is doing a scavenger hunt contest which is totally bizarre and time consuming.

I think I'll just buy some instead.

gray said...

that list is kind of funny. i think you should submit a completed list with just one item. who knows, you might win? anyhooos, i thought you got a bucket of these figures for 7.95 and i almost pissed myself in excitement. later i read that they are 7.95 each. i really just want a bucket of kidrobot figures that i can pick and choose from. and maybe the massive figure from the triennial.

Catherine! said...

If someone gave me an entire bucketful of Kidrobot anything I'd hyperventilate with joy.

powkang said...

please don't piss yourselves or hyperventilate. i may not admit it out loud, but i would be ashamed if that happened. i would pretend like i don't know you.

these are pretty adorable, though i don't really equate so much saccharine with acid trips, unless its a candy flip. oh, to be a raver again! actually, i really wouldn't wish that upon myself a second time around. ouch!