Thursday, April 26, 2007

remote control pillows


aside from the fun of pillow-fighting over who gets to navigate, i bet these are a lot harder to lose than an old-school remote.

source: didier & nicholas via


gray said...

how did you sneak that in there? for some reason i didn't get notified. blah, now i've lost all control.

these are kind of awesome, but really is it even functional as a pillow any more?

powkang said...

yeah, i wonder how sensitive these work as buttons. like, if you doze off for ten seconds, is the tv off? or on, and really, really loud? or do you have to punch them pretty hard to change the channel? who knows. all that matters to me is that these pictograms are embroidered on with orange thread. i don't even have a tv and i sorta want them.