Monday, May 14, 2007

magical bosoms (or some other euphemism for "breasts" which begins with a "b")

so after having raised a small stink over talk about boners, i will now post about underage boobs. witness hermione granger's magical bustline, which inflates for your harry potter imax viewing experience:

i know this is old, but i'm slow.

[via:i watch stuff!]


gray said...

magical boobies!

what happened to her face though? the first one is all alicia silverstone meets keri russel, the second one is a bit more beat-down adolescent.

powkang said...

i guess the buzz culminated in decision these are two different pictures, due to the slightly different face and the wind-tunnel hair in the imax poster. i'm still convinced the boob was given a photoshop implant (as well as the waist nipped in a bit). poor teenage girl... public scrutiny, gone under the digital knife. never mind the fact that these pictures make her look like she has a harelip.

these creep me out a lot because i have only just recently watched the second of the franchise, back when emma watson was a wee lass of about 12 or so. staring at her boobs, faked or otherwise, makes me feel pervy. and i'm not even a boobman.