Wednesday, May 16, 2007

milestone of sorts...

it appears i'm taking over this blog. or maybe i've just been finding more things to post than usual, or than anyone else. also, according to blogger, this is the 200th post! if this blog were a sitcom, this would be a retrospective post.

but i digress.

despite the nyc oppressive heat and humidity, i've been looking forward to summer, due in no small part to the fact that mccarren park is pretty much my backyard. this means close proximity to sunday kickball and films and shows at the mccarren park pool. the sunday free pool parties have had great bands like the yeah yeah yeahs and the shins, so i've been anxiously waiting for this summer's line-up and schedule. i bookmarked the pool's webpage, check it everyday and... for the love of god, it is the fugliest website ever!!! maybe mid-90s suburban frat beach party is the look they were going for, but i wish someone in charge would realize that it is not a good look. that curly funfont, the zack-and-kelly-esque stock photography, and that terrible palette really is an assault on my eyes. zima, anyone?

(as an aside: erasure is posted as playing on august 3rd, though not a free show. my inner new-wave 13-year-old is giddy with glee.)


gray said...

that certainly is some scriptish bubbly type. i have to wonder what the couple making out on the side has to do with a public pool?

thanks for running my lack-of-a-blog. i've been a bit busy and i'm having a difficult time gathering info. my usual source of television hasn't been that beneficial.

Catherine! said...


I am so there (in romantic downtown Greenpoint, Broooklyn).

powkang said...

i just saw blonde redhead last week and it was a really great show. two encores! and brand brand new songs. and really pretty lights that looked sorta like bacon. and... and... well, they're also really good looking kids. i also yelled at some girl who stood in front of me because, well, that is just really rude.