Wednesday, May 16, 2007

identity crisis

not really sure what is going on with this logotype for the new lifetime show "army wives." ok, yeah, i admit i was watching a little lifetime television for women tonight. it happens occasionally and really i can't justify it. but this logotype left me wondering is it really "army wives", or is it "army vives", or maybe "arm vives"?

ps: i have an unnatural amount of hate for grey's anatomy. i really have no rationale except that i think hospital dramas are totally played out. isn't er still on or something? that show has been on for at least 30 years as far as i can remember. no need to add another one to the mix.


Catherine! said...

You need to start watching HOUSE my friend.

gray said...

the opportunity to watch that show was ruined by the skits on madtv. i can never watch it without imagining michael mcdonald as the gruff yet lovable doctor.