Thursday, May 17, 2007

prof. charles goslin, pratt

professor charles goslin passed away this week and though i really didn't know him i'm sure i would have liked him. from the comments that other faculty have made it seems that he wasn't afraid to speak his mind and tell you if something sucked. i really respect and admire that ability and I feel that my professors doing the same to me made me a much stronger designer in some way... until i cry that is.

for all the cattyness and bitchiness that is sometimes visible in design, what is truly great about it is that there is a feeling of community. sure, everyone is competitive but i think that makes the field interesting. for all of the competition there are still people willing to do anything to help you and it seems as though charles was one of those people.

my only encounter with him was during the fall survey when we met just briefly but i know he will be missed by the faculty and students at pratt.

charles goslin

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