Wednesday, May 30, 2007

modest papercut

thx to catherine!

"Myself and a couple have friends have entered the above into the Modest Mouse video competition. Using green screen footage provided by the band we cut a simple music video. We then degraded the images and printed out each frame sequentially. (all 4133 of them) We then nailed each "shot" of 50-100 posters to various structures and posts. Then using a digital SLR camera with a long exposure we frame by frame shot each poster. Oh, and theres a little video projection (again, frame by frame on the SLR) just to mix it up. There is no compositing, no shortcuts, just lots of blood, sweat and tears, and a huge Kinkos bill!".... Max

spotted by catherine! somewhere on the internets.


powkang said...

this is beautiful. i looked at it for a few secs at work, but i don't have sound on my work pc (well, i do, but i don't want to be conspicuous as no one else uses theirs). i was hoping it was for "missed the boat" because i really love this song a lot. and, although i knew it was going to be a good match, its the song that convinced me that johnny marr was a great addition to the mouse.

Oi, Caffay? said...

Great? Johnny Marr is an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS addition!!

And this video makes me happy happy. That's all!