Tuesday, May 29, 2007

it's hip to be a square

i am a self-confessed product whore. i don't consider myself a metro per se but i do love a good product, and nothing makes me whip out the plastic faster than interesting industrial design and packaging. so of course when i saw this fun method bodywash at target i knew i had to have it. sure, it's not really convenient to hold a square bottle in the shower. nor is it really possible to squeeze because it's somewhat hard plastic. but come on, it looks cool. so cool in fact that several other products have adopted the square format including jack black (although they opt for a faux-wood block on top which the product flows from). whether it's a blobby teardrop bottle of method soap, a pill air freshener also from method, or really cool designed packaging for sumotech i'm all about it. by god, design might actually matter!


powkang said...

i use method for everything. i started using their products because of a combination of packaging/fragrances. i am addicted to their grapefruit scented all-purpose cleaner, and their minty glass cleaner is pretty awesome, too. they are also good with these "fresh clean air" type fragrances, which is my favorite for anything. i generally can't stand lemon, pine, or floral scented products anymore. fresh citrus is good, but sickly chemical lemon is very bad.

i suppose i also like that these are enviro-friendly, and non-toxic. also, they're pretty reasonably priced. and now i am reminded that i am all out of laundry soap and should go pick some up soon.

gray said...

minty glass/all-purpose cleaner? it's like my favorite. during the holidays they had those scent pills and handsoap in cranberry and spiced pears... the best stuff evar. i'm a total girl.

gray said...

and i bought cucumber hand soap yesterday. the only kind of soap i don't like is their foaming hand cleaner. a huge waste.

powkang said...

i don't know how i'd feel about cranberry and spiced pears. i'm not a holidays type of person. i just like everything smelling like clean or citrus. even my perfume is smells like a shower. unfortunately, my house currently smells like a bar.

yeah, i bought a foamy hand soap for use in the commune and it was gone in like two days. that's the last time i ever buy soap for the commune. for someone who lives in a commune, i really do hate sharing.

Catherine! said...

I feel as if I'm intruding upon some sort of product-centered secret club.

Maybe I'm just too manly for my own good. Minty glass cleaner? Hi, Windex. Windex and an old t-shirt are all I need to keep the house from looking like a football team waltzed on through.

powkang said...

yeah, this was pretty geigh. sorry about that. the most ironic part of all of this is that i'm actually a pretty sloppy person, and my studio isn't all that clean.

at any rate:


windex is an assault on your visual senses and needs to be locked away where it won't see the light of day (or transferred to a better-looking bottle, which i once did years ago believe it or not.) method's packaging is pretty enough that i leave them out.

i feel like i keep leaving comments here that only further highlight my insanity and my nerd tendencies.

gray said...

i don't think you need to justify your love of method products. for me the minty fresh all-purpose cleaner is the bestest. it smells a bit like toothpaste with a hint of mouthwash so it makes me think of clean fresh-from-the-dentist teeth. and really have i mentioned how great the pill air fresheners are? they look like giant capsules but they also have a really great odor flow. not too much, not too little. girly boy out.

powkang said...

i originally meant to say, however, that i think i will refrain from buying method bodywash. my brand loyalties do not end at method. for bodywash i only use philosophy.

victrola nachtmuzik, again, refuses to comment so here is our im thread:

i too am a fan of method
although i haven't purchased much of it

(i'm never at target)

i sometimes wish i had stainless steel and hardwoods just so i can buy those products too