Saturday, May 26, 2007

vacuum lovin'

when this dyson commercial comes on it makes me seriously happy.

no, really. a+++, would definitely watch again. i wish all commercials were like you. would definitely recommend.


powkang said...

i used to be obsessed with james dyson. remember the commercial from about 4 or 5 years ago with james dyson himself talking up his product? that used to make me seriously happy. i wish i could find that one on youtube now. i totally have an old man crush on him, am i the only weirdo who does? he even reversed the flow of water. at least by appearances, and looks are all that really matter, right?

but this is a good one, too. i'm also amused by all the youtube people leaving comments about how their dogs react to it.

Chris Malven said...

Okay, so this is a good commercial, but what is it about it that makes you so "schoolgirl giddy" when you watch it? I need a deeper explanation so I can delve further into the Gray physche.

As it would so happen, I just bought a Dyson vacuum the other day. I actually felt really self-concscious as I was at the Target checkout, as it is the kind of expensive purchase that is really difficult to justify to people. After using it several times, I no longer feel embarrassed. It is a lot like a Mac: you pay a lot more than you have to to get the job done, but the quality, usability, and fun of the product more than makes up for the extra cost. Assembling and figuring out how to use the vacuum was a lesson in how to design something well. Even the instruction manual was perfectly designed. A wonderful experience every step of the way. And a kickass vacuum.

Catherine! said...

Having survived a 4-day family gathering from hell, I come home to the Squeaky Dysons.

God bless you, Michael Gray!

gray said...

what makes it so great are the stairs. without the excited squeaking of the stairs the commercial would not be nearly as fun for me.

i spent a good 30 minutes walking around the 'get the other day looking at vacuums. personally i couldn't even part with the $55 for the eureka. i decided between an oscillating fan and a $55 vacuum i would go for cool air. i just don't think i could ever justify the amount of money that those fun, well-designed things cost. they sure are pretty to look at though.

hmmm... i always assumed the dyson guy was gay but maybe it's just that he's british.

powkang said...

that figures. the guys i tend to be involved with/interested in aren't exactly what you'd call manly men.

do you have a/c? because in about a month or so, that fan ain't gonna do shit but stir up hot humid air around your house, and it won't be refreshing. but dirty floors are always going to happen, regardless of the season. i would have gone for the vac... or an a/c. i still gotta pick up my old, noisy unit from storage at my sister's.