Thursday, May 24, 2007

not so pretty pictures

if anyone has any advice on stock photography houses that offer decent pictures that don't look like crappy happy cliche snapshots please hit me up. i've tried gettyone, punchstock, media bakery, random googling for stock photo houses and basically it all sux. all.

depressed designer stuck with using stock photos


powkang said...

sorry, mg. no advice. but earlier today, i was doing searches at and flickr under the word "budonkadonk" and the results crashed my macbook.

Catherine! said...

Be a man and take your own damned stock photos!

gray said...

yeah, that works well in the edumacation world but not so much for corporate america sadly. then you spend countless days looking for images that are slightly visually compelling. guess what, they don't exist.

powkang said...

i don't know if it is any better than anything you already looked at, but back in the day i had a job that had an account with istockphoto. then i moved away and for my first year in school, i secretly used the account to buy an image for a project. i only used it once, but it was still a snakey thing to do.

what sort of image are you looking for?

also: i boycott getty but only because they employ an ex. yes, it is petty, vindictive, and ineffectual; but then again so was he.

Chris Malven said...

I'm an iStockPhoto man, myself. Yes, many of the photos are taken by amatuers, but a lot of them are taken by talented artists like you. Besides, you can buy a super high-res image for less than 5 bucks. What can you get on Getty for that? Jack effin squat.