Thursday, May 24, 2007

don't switch the blade on the guy in shades, oh-no

i was poking around the tribeca site looking for anything visually compelling that came out of the film fest, besides pictures of faux-indie actors of course. lo and behold i found one interesting movie poster! it's almost as rare as a day without hearing about paris hilton.

"Due out in theaters this August, Charlie Bartlett enjoyed its world premiere this week at the Tribeca Film Festival. Here's a film that carries a heavy message about the mis-use of prescription medication amongst today's teens, but does so in a very clever (and fun) way."

blah blah blah. downey plays a drunk and though i quite like him as an actor how many times can he play that role? it's like a burton film with depp, it's gotta happen.

very lengthy and wordy review can be found here charlie bartlett

good lord, did you know that jason schwartzman has a song out now? it's playing on my itunes and i am pretty sure my ears are gushing blood. annoying as an actor but even more annoying as an emo singer.


powkang said...

i like that poster too. its very late 60s early 70s. it doesn't really say prescription meds to me, though. it looks like bumbling secret agent getting his tie caught in the paper shredder while his eyes bug out. has that already happened in a movie? no doubt it has happened countless times.

i haven't heard the new jason schwartzman tracks. i secretly love jason schwartzman, partly for his film royalty lineage and partly for his role in rushmore. i feel as though max fischer is totally the nerd that high school grace would have fallen for.

gray said...

schwartzman is ok, i'm more a fan of huckabees but that's only because lily tomlin is in it and she drops the f-bomb like a thousand times. i personally just wish he would shave some of his swarthiness (is that a proper adjective?).

the song turns horrifically bad when it comes to the chorus where i swear there are children singing. shudder.

powkang said...

swarthiness... that would be a noun. swarthy is the adjective.

children singing is no good. i wouldn't like it either. i should watch huckabees again. its been awhile. the first time i watched it it annoyed me so badly i had to turn it off. i've seen it since then and liked it much better.