Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ugh, lost another one to redesign



well i must say this is quite an improvement. still not amazing, but goodbye dotcom startup designed by logos r'us and hello thingie growing out of the t. then again maybe they are changing their name to dilech?

and just a mini rant, but why did companies ever feel the need to include ".com" in their logos? whomever started that trend should be strung up beside the creator of the original swooshy logo. along with the person who created filters in photoshop. and the creator of comic sans.


powkang said...

see what happens when i abandon refresh duties for the night? two new posts! and comments!

the creator of comic sans was revealed to us as connare by victrola nachtmuzik. i guess that means he is full of knowledge about crap.

i'm not really thinking hard enough, but what swoosh preceded nike?

powkang said...

ok, so i was fact checking on victrola and i found this:

the creator of comic sans explains himself!

powkang said...

now, the creator of comic sans and the dudes at get into a really bitchy flame war in the comments after an interview. its really ridiculous and entertaining.