Wednesday, May 23, 2007

back from the dead, to sell shoes

these images have been floating around for a few days (no pun intended). the new doc martens uk campaign features the dearly departed standing around, sitting, and other exciting stuff like that. i guess the theme is bringing something back from the dead, like doc martens.

spotted at drunken stepfather – not at all sfw.


Catherine! said...

Courtney needed a few dollars, huh?

That is the best blog EVER. My life is complete.

gray said...

well she decided not to sell all of his possessions and she's got to pay for that new nose somehow.

powkang said...

it is safe for my work, because i have my own office for the first time ever and i can do whatever i want in there. too bad it only lasts another 2.5 weeks.

i'm not a fan of these ads. contrived nostalgia is nauseating. i agree with the drunken stepfather that dead rock heroes shouldn't be used to shill a shitkicker comeback. however, though i'm officially not a fan of the doc marten revival (i really don't want to see the 90s come back. those are my formative years they're fucking with... formative years with bad hair), i know it's going to grow on me and i'll end up getting a pair or two.

Catherine! said...

"Dr. Martens fires ad agency over punks in heaven campaign"

And there we go.

gray said...

awwwww snap! and it was satchel and satchel? there goes their credibility of keeping confidential information. hahahahaha, evil advertising!